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Linda M. Berry

Linda M. Berry, RN, MS
Vice President

Solar Renewable Energy, LLC
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Linda has over 25 years of experience in management and consulting services for various solar energy facilities, real estate and healthcare entities. Her experience includes the areas of strategic planning, operational review to enhance performance and development services.

Ms. Berry’s experience includes:

  • Successfully owning, managing and monitoring multiple solar facilities
  • Successfully owning and operating Solar Renewable Energy Credit, LLC, (“SREC”) sales to utilities for clients. SRE has over 7,800 SRECs which are actively managed on an annual basis.
  • Successfully filing ITC grants for clients to efficiently obtain funds for clients
  • Participation in and supervision of over 100 financial planning, project evaluation and development feasibility studies for a variety of solar energy and real estate entities including proprietary, non-profit and governmental owned and operated entities
  • Supervising the monitoring of over 20 solar energy systems
  • Monthly uploading of SRECs for all owned and managed solar energy systems
  • Monthly comparison of solar energy production to projections for each solar energy system
  • Successfully owns and manages various real estate properties including both apartment complexes and office buildings
  • Participation and supervision of over 100 strategic planning and operational review projects for a variety of entities
  • Participation in and supervision of due diligence and other related services of more than ten entities for multi-million dollar merger and acquisition transactions

Mrs. Berry earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University and a Master of Science from Christopher Newport University.

Solar Partnerships
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