Do you have energy to sell? SRE can help.

Experience and relationships that enable you to monetize your SRECs

Solar Renewable Energy, LLC, (SRE) is a PJM GATS Aggregator and Broker that sells (SREC) for over 20 Megawatts of solar output to public utilities in the PJM GATS service territory.

SRE is a registered aggregator and broker on PJM GATS. The SREC markets and public auctions bring transparency, price discovery, and liquidity to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates and environmental credits. Users are able to transact and monetize their SRECs. Long-term SREC contracts provide direct access to large pools of SRECs, mitigate risk, and lock-in fixed pricing for extended terms.

In addition to trading SRECs, Solar Renewable Energy recently won several ten-year SREC supply contracts with public utility companies to supply thousands of SRECs annually. At SRE, we have the experience and relationships that will help you to monetize the SRECs generated from your solar project.

Contact us at 717.571.1151 or email us today to discuss how SRE can help your organization monetize and manage your solar SREC production.


What are the benefits of using solar powered energy in the United States of America?

  • Requires little to no up-front capital depending on selected ownership structure
  • Benefits from federal and state incentives
  • Proven technology with long-term warranties
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily integrates into existing facility electricity and roof infrastructure
  • Reduces costly grid power
  • Increases budget visibility
  • Positive public relations