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Each member of the SRE team takes pride in the phenomenal relationships we have developed with our clients. What a group of bright, forward-thinking professionals! They serve as strong role models for taking the steps to manage their power in a new way, saving money.(and contributing to saving the planet) - one kilowatt at a time.

It is our clients' praise and responses to their successful projects that shape the future for Solar Renewable Energy. We learn something new from each client and project, and every venture leads to knowledge and experience that we can impart to others in our next project.

Our clients' insights and belief in SRE's strategic solar energy development process demonstrates our shared success:


Solar Energy for Senior Living Facilities,  Medical Centers - Hospitals, Retirement Communities - Masonic Villages

Healthcare - Senior Living

Masonic Villages

"Our relationship with Solar Renewable Energy has been very positive. Doug and his team are one of the finest teams that we have worked with in terms of the consulting services they provide, including development of a solar energy system. Team members utilized their skills to enhance the system and make it work in harmony with the Masonic mission and within the existing physical campus environment. They are positive in their approach to challenges and exhibit a high degree of professional integrity. They are truly a solid team. The construction of this particular solar energy system has increased the awareness of solar energy and the application of a renewable energy source in an environment such as Masonic Village. This has also created an interest in the local community, the greater central Pennsylvania region and nationally among other continuing care retirement community providers."

Joseph E. Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Masonic Villages in Lancaster County, PA

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Solar Energy for Commercial Businesses and Property Management - Self Storage

Lower Allen Business Center

"We have prior experience working with Doug and his team on solar energy system projects. Our investors know him well and trust his judgment on solar projects on an individual basis, and overall his understanding of the critical success factors which impact our returns. Our projects were done efficiently, on-time and have experienced few maintenance or operational issues. We have developed a total of three solar projects for warehousing applications with Doug's involvement and are currently evaluating two additional projects in New Jersey with their assistance. Overall, solar has been a good investment for us."

Jeff Grubb, Owner. Lower Allen Business Center, in Cumberland County, PA

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Governmental - Municipalities, Boroughs, Townships

Mount Joy Borough Authority

“Solar Renewable Energy, LLC helped us expand our environmental stewardship program through their innovative Power Service Agreement structure which provided the Borough with a solar energy system at no out-of-pocket cost and, at the same time, provided electricity savings and SREC revenues. Solar Renewable Energy, LLC did an excellent job completing the project on time given extremely difficult site and weather conditions. Well after construction completion, they continue to assist us with monitoring system output, operations and SREC settlement; and we are very pleased with their responsiveness and support.”

John Leaman, Authority Administrator and Terry Kauffman, Special Projects Manager.

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Penn Township - Solar Energy for Doe Run Sustainablility Project

Governmental - Municipalities, Boroughs, Townships

Penn Township Project along Doe Run Road

"We were very pleased with the results of the most recent, 200kW solar array located along Doe Run road constructed as part of a larger demonstration project. Our actual solar energy output exceeds that projected by SRE in all cases. This project is an excellent example of how several partners came together to realize a sustainable vision for this site. I am pleased with SRE's responsiveness and attention to detail. They continue to assist me by operating the project and by helping me to market and sell related SRECs in a difficult market. With SRE's help, we plan to expand our solar array in the future if economic conditions permit."

David Kratzer, Penn Township Manager, in Lancaster County, PA

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Black River Farms - A PA Winery using solar energy


Black River Farms

"Working with Solar Renewable Energy has been wonderful. They have been educational, knowledgeable and timely in all aspects of the PV Solar system we have installed. Thank you!"

Andrew Warner, Owner, Black River Farms, in Northampton County, PA