Developing a brighter future together through solar energy

We implement turnkey solar energy services that make your solar investment shine.

Incorporating the benefits of solar technology into your organization's energy master plan does not have to be intimidating. At Solar Renewable Energy (SRE), our solar energy experts specialize in providing turnkey, tailored solutions for organizations every day.

We will help your organization develop a custom Solar Energy Master Plan, guiding you step by step through the options and process.

SRE will outline available solar energy financing options for your project and help you get your project installed and generating electricity.

Our extensive network of trusted vendors enables us to control optimal quality, pricing and delivery at every point of service, from financing to installation to management.

Adopting solar energy gives you an opportunity to share your company's commitment to environmental responsibility with customers and the public. This can be a valuable community relations tool in an era where business news is often about damaging our planet.

During the Development stage, Solar Renewable Energy provides:

  • Site Analysis
  • Historical Energy Rate & Use Data
  • Project Data & Key Assumptions
  • Estimated Sources & Uses of Funds
  • Investment Summary
  • Planning Considerations
  • Recommendations
  • Timeline & Next Steps

It is time to take your power back and start saving money on your energy costs. We can help you to do that because we offer proven experience and results.

Please call us at 717.571.1151 and we can assure you that choosing solar energy is an innovative solution for reducing your organization’s electricity costs.


What are the benefits of using solar powered energy in the United States of America?

  • Requires little to no up-front capital depending on selected ownership structure
  • Benefits from federal and state incentives
  • Proven technology with long-term warranties
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily integrates into existing facility electricity and roof infrastructure
  • Reduces costly grid power
  • Increases budget visibility
  • Positive public relations