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Solar Renewable Energy, LLC

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Solar Membership Organizations

Committed to solar energy leadership and policy development

Solar Renewable Energy maintains active membership in, leadership and policy committee roles and provides legislative and financial support to, the Solar Energy Industries Association ®.

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Membership Organizations

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association (MASEIA)
Pennsylvania Division of the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association (PASEIA)

Registered Solar Renewable Energy Credit Aggregator / Broker on the PJM EIS and Flett Exchange.

SRE believes that the future, economic viability of the solar industry depends upon stable, long-term solar renewable energy credit values that are supported by economic incentives at the federal and state level, and renewable portfolio standards established by individual states which include a solar share requirement.

SRE provides leadership and policy support to both the Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic membership organizations of the Solar Energy Industries Association. We support legislative initiatives at the state and federal level which support continued growth of the solar industry. In structuring our commitment in this manner, we are able to support "green jobs" and the local economies in each community where we work.

SRE believes that sustainable, clean solar energy is the path to meeting our future energy needs.

Solar Memberships
    Solar Energy Industries Association PJM EIS' focuses to provide the reporting and tracking services of both emissions data and Renewable Energy Credits