Solar Energy System Operations and Management

Ensuring Peak Performance and Output for Your Solar Energy System

Solar Renewable Energy ensures optimal performance of your solar energy system through wireless remote monitoring. Our professionals do not disappear once the solar energy project is constructed. Quite the contrary. We help our clients through commissioning and inspections through facilitating the final interconnection agreement. Then, we monitor system performance 24 / 7 to ensure solar energy production is metered and recorded for billing and renewable energy credit trading purposes. With remote monitoring, SRE is able to evaluate performance at the individual solar panel level essential for system performance and health.

Many of our solar clients use technologically sophisticated solar energy monitoring systems that enable SRE, host customers, facility management, investors and other interested parties to review the solar systems' performance in real time, and respond quickly should any maintenance or adjustment be necessary.

Solar Renewable Energy continues to provide excellent customer service long after your solar system has been installed. The logical extension of the solar energy development and solar system installation process, solar system operations and maintenance services continue our relationship with clients.

  • Commissioning and inspections
  • Final interconnection agreement
  • Meter / output verification
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Owner training and job closeout meeting
  • ITC grant / tax credit filing
  • PJM / GATS registration
  • SREC generation / trading
SRE uses state-of-the-art technology, systems and operations experience to efficiently meter and register solar electricity generation over the life of the system.

Please contact us at 717.571.1151 or email to learn more about our solar energy operations and maintenance services.


What are the benefits of using solar powered energy in the United States of America?

  • Requires little to no up-front capital depending on selected ownership structure
  • Benefits from federal and state incentives
  • Proven technology with long-term warranties
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily integrates into existing facility electricity and roof infrastructure
  • Reduces costly grid power
  • Increases budget visibility
  • Positive public relations