Solar Renewable Energy will help you choose the best ownership structure that fits your goals.

Sensible ownership structures that produce acceptable Returns on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rates of Return (IRR)

Investors have target return parameters that drive investment in solar projects. SRE has established relationships with tax credit and private equity investors, banks and other lenders that help to identify and pre-select an appropriate ownership structure for the identified risks and target returns PRIOR to making an investment in your solar project. Additionally, SRE has developed and uses proprietary, Excel-based financial models to evaluate target ROI and IRR on both an unleveraged and leveraged basis, both before and after taxes, which helps to quickly evaluate performance of one ownership structure vs. another.

SRE has significant experience with following solar ownership structures:

• Power Service Agreement (PSA)
. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
. Direct Ownership (Host Customer Owned)
. Partnership Flip and Inverted Lease Structures
. SREC-based and Utility Loan Financing Programs
. Tax Credit Equity Financing

SRE seeks to optimize owner and / or investor returns with emphasis on:

. For-profit or exempt status
. Investment tax credits and depreciation
. Asset retention and valuation
. Minimizing tax impacts
. Management of SREC valuation exposure

We all need to invest wisely for the future. The professionals at SRE will help you analyze your investment in clean energy so that your returns meet your investment objectives.

If you are looking for investment opportunities, email or contact Doug Berry at 717.571.1151.


What are the benefits of using solar powered energy in the United States of America?

  • Requires little to no up-front capital depending on selected ownership structure
  • Benefits from federal and state incentives
  • Proven technology with long-term warranties
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily integrates into existing facility electricity and roof infrastructure
  • Reduces costly grid power
  • Increases budget visibility
  • Positive public relations